Gambling on the best New Zealand online casinos

All legal online casinos in New Zealand have the right licences, are safe, and follow all the rules. Please read this gambling guide if you are considering gambling online for the first time. The main licencing authority in New Zealand is the New Zealand Gaming Commission. It regulates all the online casinos operating within the country.

Licenced online casinos

Why should you always play on licenced gambling platforms? There are several reasons, actually. First and foremost, these are legal entities, and you will never lose your money on these casinos. All these online casinos are safe, and use the latest technologies to protect your payments. Besides, these platforms encourage healthy gambling practices.

You can find your casino's licence information in the bottom area of the home page. Click the 'About Us' section, and read everything about your casino's licence, etc. If you can't find this information, please contact Customer Support. Some prominent licencing authorities are the U.K. Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Government of CuraƧao, etc.

Read online reviews

You should also read the various online reviews of your chosen gambling platforms. This way, you will know the authenticity of the said casino, the timeliness of its payments, etc. Online reviews also reveal the trust factor of online casinos. You can easily spot bad online casinos by doing a simple online search.

There are some gambling sites which attract players by offering attractive bonuses and rewards. But do these platforms actually reward their players? You can find out everything about all this by reading online reviews. Indeed, online discussion forums and reviews are a great way of finding the legit casinos in New Zealand. Please keep reading.

Legit casinos promote responsible gambling

Look for those online casinos that encourage safe and healthy gambling. These sites will guide you how to gamble within limits. Go to the 'Responsible Gambling' section and read about the right gambling practices. For instance, never stake money while you are drunk. You should never chase imaginary wins. Consider online gambling as fun.

  • Online gambling can never replace a regular job.

As a new gambler, you might be tempted to play for long hours, hoping to make fantastic money. While there's nothing wrong in this approach, you might get addicted to gambling if you aren't careful enough. Please note all online gambling casinos are commercial entities and are in the market to make profits.

Legit casinos are fair

All legal casinos are fair, and work with independent auditors. If you think your online casino is legit, then it should carry a seal from bodies such as eCOGRA. This body is an independent auditor, and verifies online casinos on matters such as fairness, and trust. There are other organizations apart from eCOGRA.

Legit casinos also have random number generators. These are computer programmes which run the online games. Since these RNGs are very difficult to hack, you can say your online casino is fair and trustworthy. However, if you distrust your casino, you can speak to eCOGRA or other independent dispute redressal bodies. Please keep reading.

About safety issues

All legit casinos use the latest technologies for protecting their customers' monies. These gambling platforms encrypt their data with advanced technologies. Encryption is converting words and numbers into complex characters. Since hackers can't read this data, your data stays safe all times. Online casinos also protect their servers against virus attacks. Please carry on reading.

You should also know about SSL. This technology hides all your data under a virtual cover or envelope. All the top legit casinos in New Zealand have SSL certificates. Look up your casino's URL; if there is a lock-like symbol in the URL, it means your casino has this certificate and is safe.